Sunday, November 21, 2010

WELCOME! Mt.SAAG to ISLA PUTING BATO to HAGIMIT FALLS and finally, CANIBAD ISLAND our FINAL DESTINATION a two days trip by all force BUNAG!!!!!!!!!!

It was month of November where an impulsive decision arose,trip to no where as what the group name "BUNAG" did. Fun, great and exciting being lost in the middle of woodland..
"ISLA PUTING BATO" the place where we expect to have our overnight stay to see the spectacular view of DAVAO City but unfortunately we failed...

We were able to discover another place to stay, Mt. Saag where we put up our tent for the night, setting aside the fact that we are not on the right track, but despite that, the excitement and the feeling of joy is resemblance to a fire that
kept on burning. Tomorrow is another day to find the right way of our destination. Each of us was very optimistic that we can get to ISLA PUTING BATO by morning, and fortunately we did! We were just laughing to one another because finally our foot steps lead the right way, and finally through this adventure we found out who's the real BUNAG (KuyaJing!) hahaha.. but the founder will always be a founder ARTchi!

Next spot "HAGIMIT FALLS" fun and great, we did not pass on the main entrance for us to be free from the entrance fee,bunag! what made it more fun was while walking going to the falls, the big 5 was also passing a glass of "tuba"/ liquor whatever you called that in english,hahaha..Kuya Jing can't resist to have it. That was my first time to taste that kind of drinks,it taste sweet actually however i don't really like it. As we started our fun we've met new friends and we enjoyed our bonding together.  Though it was just a couple of hour bonding still it was awesome. The group never stayed at Hagimit Falls long, because we are running out of time, no,not because we lack of time but we just wanted to be in our final destination earlier as possible. Another hundreds or thousands of steps needed before we get in to the next spot. Apparently we love what we are doing that is why no matter how tired our feet from walking and walking, we still have lots of energy to do so. As for me, I love beach, although I do not know how to swim but watching over the horizon in the beach makes me feel so relax and comfy.Next spot CANIBAD ISLAND the sunrise beach resort where in the beauty is very much captivating to your eyes. The group enjoyed having picture taking with the place and the clean and very clear water from the sea seems like inviting us to come and jump into he water.

By means of having this kind of trip, the bond become stronger and made our friendship healthy than ever. It was indeed an exhausting escapade however very memorable one. Bunag really rocks! 'Til next time buddies!

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